“One word to describe Dunn Wright Estate Services…. “Phenomenal”. They spent long hours preparing for our estate sale. I arrived back in town for my “walk through” before the date of the actual sale and was blown away by what they had done with the contents for sale. Everything was clean and neat and displayed in a shoppable atmosphere.  Even though your staging/tagging process had been described to me, I was still amazed. Their expert marketing skills were evident and I appreciated the research you had done to arrive at realistic prices for each item. Such attention to detail! Our very personal things were set aside for us to peruse before the sale. Included in those “things” were two folded $100 bills. That’s a real tribute to you and your staff’s honesty and integrity. “No legacy is so rich as honesty.” ~ W. Shakespeare Thanks again!” Richard N.

“I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I was with your management of my parent’s estate sale. Your market insight and attention to detail allowed us to complete the disposal of all items quickly and without issue. Your knowledge of each item’s value as well as the best venue to sell each item, auction versus estate sale, etc, was priceless! I also appreciated that you updated me often during the process and responded to my questions in a timely manner. I felt secure knowing that you would treat every item in the house with the same care my family would. Thank you again for handling this sale with minimal involvement from our family. Any future customers can be assured that your company gets a five star rating from me!!” Nancy R.

“Daniel and Serina were extremely helpful and professional. They are also really nice people. They arranged everything, handled the entire sale, advertised to draw a large number of shoppers and delivered just as they said they would. I highly recommend them to anyone.” Melissa B.

“I have recommended Dunn Wright’s services to my clients, friends, and family throughout the years. Daniel & Serina are very knowledgeable of many different collections and furnishings. They pointed out items of value that were more expensive than I thought and recognized valuable items that I thought weren’t worth much. I will continue to recommend Dunn Wright to all my clients, family, and friends.” Kevin M.

“I have been collecting antiques and collectables for many years. Now that I decided to downsize, I really appreciate all that Dunn Wright has done to make selling everything so easy. I appreciate all their hard work and the great prices they were able to get me!” Chris C.

“I was so pleased with the job that Dunn Wright did with my Mothers estate, that I just hired them again because I’m moving. Thank you for everything!” Rob E.

“My Parents home was so filled with STUFF and I had no idea what to do with it. My frustration level was so high!!! Dunn Wright came in and immediately knew what was of value and sold them for so much more than I anticipated. What I liked even more was that you had people in all areas of antiques, collectibles and coins who came in with their expertise and felt like I received great value for my items. Thanks so much for making a difficult job seem so easy!” Susan J.

“Just before Christmas my mother unexpectedly passed away. Among the many dilemmas I immediately faced, included a houseful of furniture, books, household goods and items from world travels that dated back more than half a century. On top of that, I was solely responsible for the estate and I lived in Florida! I located Dunn Wright Estate Services online and was impressed that they offered services that I desperately needed on short notice. After I returned to New Jersey from Florida, Daniel & Serina scheduled the sale, made arrangements for all issues, purchased stickers to get certain items disposed of and arranged all of the sale items in a “ready to move” manner. When the sale day arrived, more than 50 customers were lined-up prior to the opening of the event. The remaining items were donated to organizations my parents would have certainly approved of. The house was completely clean and empty, I received a detailed invoice of the items sold, a list of expenses incurred and a most appreciated check. I sincerely hope no one would have to experience the same situation I faced. However, it is comforting to know that if such a situation should arise, a professional, competent, honest and compassionate organization like Dunn Wright Estate Services is available.” William P.

“I am so glad to recommend your services. My mother passed away leaving behind LOTS and Lots of stuff that she had accumulated over 94 years. I knew I wanted to keep some of her things but really didn’t know what to do with the rest of it. I was surprised at some of the things that I thought had no value-and even more amazed at the prices you were able to get for them!” Nancy A.

“My Father passed away this past October. He had lived in the home that we had to sell for 59 years. The house sold quickly and it was quite daunting to have to deal with the contents of the home while living out of state and grieving. We found Dunn Wright Estate Services on the internet, called them, arranged a meeting at the house and everything Dan& Serina told us they would do, was done. They, made things as easy, affordable, honest and helpful as anyone could have asked for. They have a lot of integrity. There were no surprises, no bumps in the road. And additionally, they were kind and compassionate. Thank you DUNN WRIGHT ESTATE SERVICES!! I would happily refer your company to anyone who is seeking these service.” Amber H.

“Dan, Serina & Staff, thank you again for a most successful sale. You truly took the stress that comes with closing a house and put it on your shoulders. You operated as a professional with set rules and guidelines, but always had empathy for the owners. You delivered what you promised….”Your items will sell, and you will receive a check promptly” I will be happy to recommend you to anyone.” Billy C.

“Thank you so very much for all you did in the recent estate sale of our parent’s items. Following the passing of our father, our mother was looking to move from their home of over 30 years. The memories of the past were always present within the walls and she wanted to move into a new home. Looking at the task at hand, we knew we needed a professional company to come in and handle everything. Your company came highly recommended and we could not be more pleased. You struck a balance between business and understanding of our family’s emotional state. The presentation of items, the advertising and the sale itself were first class. My mother received her check within a week of the sale and the proceeds exceeded her imagination. It is refreshing to see a couple that takes such pride in their work and treats those in these delicate situations with such genuine care!” Thank you! Sincerely, Carla M.

“I was so pleased with the job that Dunn Wright did with my Mothers estate, that I just hired them again because I’m moving. Thank you for everything!” Rob E.

“I appreciate Dunn Wright Estate Services being very detailed, punctual and doing an outstanding job of selling all of the items I had up for sale. If items were not sold, arrangements were made for them to be purchased or donated to charity. They were up front on pricing of items and knew what to ask for each item. I was pleasantly surprised to find out the total sale amount exceeded my expectations. I would recommend your services to anyone wanting to downsize or need to have an estate sale. Thanks so much for everything!” Eugene

“Serina & Dan, Thank you both for your efficient and outstanding service. Our estate sale was a big success due to you and your wonderful team. We would highly recommend Dunn Wright Estate Services to anyone that wants to make their move easier. NO WORRIES, NO HASSLES!!!!!!! The clean up crew was amazing too.” All the Best. Mark & Diane

“Daniel & Serina, Thank you so much for all your efforts and coordination of the Estate Sale. I know it was a big job. I heard from the neighbors that the sale was well attended. Many were impressed with the huge turnout. We are too! We especially appreciate you going above the contract in removing the garbage from the premises. You have given us one less thing to do when we come back in March. THANK YOU!! It has been pleasure working with you on the sale. We are pleased with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend your services to prospective customers.” Connie C.

“Moving and downsizing is never easy .Dunn Wright Estate Services was a Godsend to us!! Kudos to Serina for staging & pricing the entire house and its contents. Do you ever sleep? Also fabulous job selling 95% of our "stuff" and helping in the downsizing process. You were professional, available for questions and always helpful. Your cleanup crew that came in after the sale did a great job as well. They were very professional and respectful.. They left the house in great shape for the new owners. We were very pleased with Dunn Wright Estate Services and will definitely recommend them to our friends and neighbors. Thanks again Serina, Dan & staff!” Sincerely, Michelle & Louis

“Dan & Serina, WOW! What a job by this company. Honest and compassionate! Thank you both for an awesome job. I now have a better understanding of how much is involved in a successful Estate Sale. Both of you were a pleasure through the entire process. You made us more money than we expected. We made the right choice in hiring you!” Thanks Again! Tisha & Ron

“Serina & Daniel Thank you so much for your care and compassion in conducting the Estate Sale of my mothers belongings. It was a very difficult time for me and my brother. Your clean out crew also did a fabulous job. Thank you and we will be recommending your services!” Thanks Again, Joe & Brenda

“Serina & Dan, Thank you for running such a wonderful sale. We were very pleased with your professionalism and greatly appreciate how you and your wonderful staff ensured that the home was put into good order and cleaned out after the sale.” James P.

“Dan and Serina, We would like to thank you for the excellent estate sale you held on our behalf. The professionalism of you and your staff was outstanding. We were very impressed with the organization, your communication throughout the set-up and sale, and the follow-up afterwards. Most importantly though, was your attitude and your way of thinking about the sale. Even though this is a business (and you handled it very proficiently), the care and respect shown to us as a family, was most significant. Never did we get the feeling that you were just about the money. In fact, your caring attitude, and the fact that you thought of us as people with feelings, and your understanding that we were going through a hugely emotional transitional phase, was truly appreciated. Others that we interviewed made it seem as though once the contract was initiated, they were then in charge. You and your staff were flexible, which made the process far more palatable and bearable. Make no mistake, we feel that you did try to maximize the value and return from our items in that process – and the speed with which we received our money was remarkable. We also appreciated your holding to the price on some special, more valuable pieces that we discussed beforehand. When they did not sell during the initial estate sale, you offered them on eBay, in order to capitalize on an even greater marketplace. It has been nice to receive checks following the end of the sale as well. To summarize, we would highly recommend Dunn Wright Estate Services to anyone looking for an efficient, caring organization to manage the liquidation of their family’s belongings.” Lovingly, Carol & Mike